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Hearts Card Game

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Hearts is a fun game for kids of all ages, this set comes with 32 cards with colourful illustrations on them and detailed instructions on how to play.

1. The dealer shuffles the cards, then deals all cards, one at a time and face down, to each player until all the cards have been dealt, Each player receives an equal amount of cards. If any cards remain, they are placed face down on the table and are taken by the player who takes who takes in the first hand.

2. The person to the right of the dealer begins the game by laying down one card of his choice. Each player must follow by laying down a card of the same suit if he can.

3. If a person cannot follow suit, he may discard any other card, always trying to get rid of a heart card.

4. The person who lays down the highest card in the group takes the hand.

5. The winner of each hand goes next.

6. When someone plays their last card, all who can, play on it, and the game is over. Each player counts their score, adding up the cards each is holding. All heart cards count as 10 points. All other cards receive face value.

7. The player with the lowest score wins the game.

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