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Mont Marte Goat Hair Brush 23mm

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Whether you're a watercolourist or are working on a large surface, our Watercolour Goat Hair Brush Premium 23mm is a great tool to have by your side. You can use this hake brush for watercolour wash work, silk painting, sizing, glazing and ceramic work. Plus, it's handy for other jobs like wetting the surface or brushing away loose filaments and dust. This brush features soft goat hair bristles that hold liquid well while applying smooth, even strokes that won't lift previous layers of colour. It also offers a sturdy lightweight wooden handle to keep you comfortable while working. So, if you're looking to try something different pick up a watercolour hake brush for your next masterpiece.

  • 23mm goat hair hake brush with sturdy, lightweight beechwood handle
  • Ideal for watercolour washes, silk painting, sizing, glazing, ceramic painting
  • Soft goat hair bristles for smooth, even strokes
  • Porous bristles are great at holding liquids
  • Use for wetting the surface, brush away loose eraser or pencil filaments 
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