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Keeping a clean home year-round, especially during flu season, requires essential household cleaning products to reduce germs and effectively ensure a healthy environment.

Must-Have Household Cleaning Products for the Flu Season

Maintaining a clean house is necessary year-round, but it is especially important during flu season. In Australia, the flu season normally runs from May to September. However, the fundamentals of maintaining a germ-free workplace apply all year. Influenza, a highly contagious disease, can cause substantial communal and personal health issues, including roughly 5,100 hospitalisations per year across the country. Consider stocking up on basic household cleaning products to reduce danger and maintain a healthy home environment. Here's a list of must-have products to help keep your household flu-free, from the team at Cortella!

Disinfectants: The First Line of Defence

Effective cleaning begins with the correct disinfectant. Products containing alcohol, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide are especially efficient against the flu virus. Look for sprays and wipes that state they will destroy 99.9% of viruses and germs. Regular usage on high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and worktops can help to minimise the transmission of influenza viruses.

Microfiber Cloths: Trap and Remove germs

Instead of spreading germs, microfibre cloths collect them. These cloths are manufactured from fibres that are finer than a strand of silk, allowing them to catch up and retain viruses and germs. Use them dry for dusting and moist for a deeper clean. To keep them effective, launder them on a regular basis at high temperatures.

Antiviral Hand Soap: Keeps Hands Clean

Another important aspect of preventing the spread of the flu is frequent hand washing. An antiviral hand soap not only cleans but also includes virus-killing chemicals. Make sure that every sink in your home has a bottle, and encourage family members to wash their hands frequently, especially after returning home from public locations or before eating.

Air Purifiers: Reduce Airborne Particles

Air purifiers with HEPA filters can collect flu virus particles in the air. Placing a purifier in high-traffic areas of your home can help reduce the total concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses, adding an added layer of protection against the flu.

Trash Bins and Tidy Bags: Effective Waste Management

Proper trash management is crucial during the flu season. Use lidded bins to store potentially contaminated garbage, such as tissues and disposable masks. Choose bins with foot pedals to avoid hand touch. Lining your trash with tidy bags makes disposal easier and more sanitary. To avoid the accumulation of germs and bacteria, make sure to empty and clean these containers on a regular basis. Consider utilising antibacterial bin liners as an additional layer of protection.

Protective Equipment: Gloves and Masks

Wearing gloves while cleaning protects your hands from germs as well as harsh chemicals. If someone in your household is ill, try wearing a disposable mask while cleaning their area to avoid inhaling any viruses they have spread.

A Strategic Approach to Cleaning

  • Regular cleaning is necessary, but during flu season, it's critical to focus on areas that could contribute to the transmission of disease:
  • Personal Spaces: Regularly wash bedding and other shared items, such as towels, in hot water.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning in communal facilities like kitchens and toilets, with an emphasis on surfaces that may harbour viruses.
  • Tech Devices: Remember to clean phones, tablets, and computers that are regularly touched throughout the day.


You may help protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu by adhering to a strict cleaning schedule and using the proper supplies. Cortella offers a variety of household cleaning products designed to keep your environment clean and germ-free. Our products are designed to fulfil the greatest standards of sanitation and hygiene, so you'll have everything you need to keep your house safe and healthy.

Explore our assortment and prepare for the flu season. Remember, keeping your home clean is an important step towards staying healthy. Visit Cortella today to discover the greatest household cleaning products. Contact us now!

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