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Light Moulding Clay Kit

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Get moulding and make whatever your heart desires, show off your sculpting abilities with this Super Light Moulding Clay Kit.

Each kit includes;

- 8 x 20g coloured clay
- 1 set of 3 modelling tools
- 1 detailed booklet with various step by step projects and a colour mixing chart

This moulding clay has a great feel and is easy to use. It starts of soft and mouldable and can be reused
again and again if kept in an air tight container. When you are happy with what you've made leave it out to dry. When fully dry it hardens into a sponge like texture that can be squashed in your hand, but still keeps its shape and form.

Make figures, animals, trees, cars, whole scenarios...
The possibilities are endless with Super Light Moulding Clay.
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