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Mont Marte Polymer Clay Mini Cutter Set 10pc

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Cut some shapes into your clay creations using our Polymer Clay Cutters 10pc. Inside the set are ten different clay shape cutters, great for polymer and air dry clay projects. They’re easy to use, simply press into clay for neat edges and sharp cuts. Plus, these clay cutters are made with sturdy 430 stainless steel for reusing time and time again. Pick up a set of these crafty clay tools for your next DIY, jewellery or craft project.


  • Includes: Star, Diamond, Ellipse, Raindrop, Square, Heart, Hexagon, Circle, Starflower, Tiny Daisy cutters
  • Easy to use, press cutter shapes into clay for instant shapes
  • Folded top edge for comfort, thin bottom edge for neat, sharp cuts
  • Made with sturdy 430 stainless steel
  • Clay cutting tools are ideal for polymer and air dry clay jewellery, DIY, décor projects
  • Measurements: W x H x D 
    • Star: 25mm (0.98in) x 24mm (0.95in) X 20mm (0.79in)
    • Ellipse: 22mm (0.87in) x 12mm (0.5in) x 20mm 
    • Square: 14mm (0.55in) x 14mm x 20mm 
    • Hexagon: 16mm (0.63in) x 14mm x 20mm 
    • Starflower: 21mm (0.83in) x 20mm X 20mm 
    • Diamond: 13mm (0.52) x 20mm X 20mm 
    • Raindrop: 10mm (0.39) x 16mm X 20mm 
    • Heart: 18mm (0.71in) x 16mm x 20mm 
    • Circle: 13mm x 13mm x 20mm 
    • Tiny Daisy: 13mm x 13mm x 20mm

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